The Progression

Welcome to the progression flow chart for your child's dance education at En Pointe Dance Studio.

We are honoured to say that we are one of the only studios in the Celina, OH area to offer a complete "Black Belt System" for your child's dance education. We proudly offer curriculum videos, quizzes and additional content to support your child's progression in and outside of the studio. 

It's an about more than just great dancing... its about building character and enhancing lives!

Goals are essential to mastering any skill in any subject or industry. En Pointe encourages students to strive for attainable goals including:

  • Semi-annual performance goals - Holiday Show & Spring Show
  • Annual technical goals - June assessment (Testing & Levelling Up)
  • Long term goals - Ascending towards the "Black Belt" and Graduation Solo

Parents and students of En Pointe share in our Mission, Vision and Values. Our incredible parents understand that long term study of extracurricular activities such as dance build their child's sense of mastery, attention to detail and ultimately leads their child towards success in adulthood.