The Tuition

Welcome to the complete overview of our tuition structure. The tuition fees posted below are for instructional classes only. Fees associated with enrolment at En Pointe Dance Studio include:

  • Pre-registration (to your child's spot) fee.
  • Yearly registration fee.
  • 9 monthly tuition fees for enrolment in Monday classes (36 weeks).
  • 10 monthly tuition fees for the enrolment in Tuesday and Thursday classes (40 weeks).
  • Yearly class assessment, progression report and achievement awards fee.
  • Holiday Show: participation fee, costume fees & ticket fees.
  • Spring Show: participation fee, costume fees & ticket fees.

En Pointe Dance Studio offers a private school education and environment. Students and parents are responsible for all fees in association with the dance education at our studio.

Students and parents are expected to commit to the entire season commencing the day after Labor Day to the complete last week of June.

*We do not have any discounts, deals, bartering or fee negotiations - please do not ask.

**You can expect a $5 increase to our BASE FEE each year.
***Pre-registration on or BEFORE April 1 of each year will protect you from the base fee increase.